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If you like to start your year or month with a smile, what better way to check on the date than with an attractive calendar featuring your favorite photographs?

There are many programs out there to help you create your own calendar, but Photo Calendar Creator is your best option if you want to achieve professional results after following just a few basic steps.

This tool comes equipped with 100 different templates perfect for creating any kind of calendar: pocket, wall, table, monthly, or annually. Once you've selected the style, all you need to do is add your own images and text.

Templates are divided into categories, like classic, elegant, modern, and fun. You can then further personalize your calendar with additional photos and fun phrases.

You can put those extra elements wherever you like, including inside individual days on the calendar to mark a special date or occasion. The software contains the holidays and national festivals for several countries, which you can choose to include.

Photo Calendar Creator will print your calendars in high quality, allowing you to choose between different paper formats and to combine various calendars on the same page.

10-day trial.

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